Cello Teaching Repertoire Consortium to represent diverse musical styles and cultural backgrounds

We are thrilled that Saw Peep founder and artistic director, Jon Silpayamanant, was selected to be one of the Cello Teaching Repertoire Consortium composers which has as its mission “To expand cello student repertoire with the commission of new pedagogical concert works and etudes representing diverse musical styles and cultural backgrounds.”


This year we are commissioning Bianca d’Avila Do Prado and Jon Silpayamanant to each write one 5-7 minute concert etude for cello at an intermediate level.

Bianca d’Avila Do Prado will write a small suite (5 or 6 movements) for cello solo featuring preparation for skills needed in Suzuki Book 4 and some interesting Latin American rhythms.

Jon Silpayamanant will write a two-movement piece targeting ASTACAP Grade 5, Suzuki 5/6. The first slow movement will include many ornaments specific to Thai Classical Music string playing. A faster second movement in an Isaan Mor Lam style will incorporate more double stops and be reminiscent of Western fiddle styles.”

More info at their website and Facebook page: