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Silpayamanant’s ‘Homrong Isaan’ to be premiered by the MSO

Saw Peep founder and artistic director will have two works for orchestra premiered May 14, 2023. The Manchester Symphony Orchestra will perform ‘Homrong Isaan’ (for full orchestra) and ‘From Dream Till Dusk’ (for chamber orchestra) as part of their “Arts Popourri” program which will also feature a work by the orchestra’s conductor, Debra Lynn, Kandinsky Suite, which will be performed in collaboration with Mikautadze Dance Theatre.

Jon will be in residency in Manchester for the week leading up to the performance to give presentations, workshops, and performances.

Homrong Isaan‘ is a blend of Thai, Isaan, and Western classical music styles and is in three parts.

Homrong Isaan is in three parts. The first is influenced by Luk Thung and Luk Krung, two styles of Thai popular music that I grew up listening to here in the states. The second part is the “Thai Classical Music Section” with the marimba mimicking the Thai Ranad Ek, the Oboe modeling the quadruple reeded Pi Nai and the Flute playing the role of the Thai bamboo flute, Khlui. The last section is in the style of Mor Lam, a folk music genre in the Isaan region of Northeast Thailand and Laos and is especially influenced by especially the Khaen, a type of bamboo mouth organ, and the Phin, a plucked lute from the region.

The orchestra will be also be live streaming the event. Visit this link for ticket info and for the streaming option: